VCO Soap

1. Is your VCO Soap suitable for those with eczema?

Our VCO soaps are completely natural, and use 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, which some experiments have found beneficial to patients with eczema. It has pH of around 7 (neutral). We do not use palm oil, dye/artificial coloring, preservative, disinfectant/antiseptic, fragrance, etc., any of which could potentially be eczema triggers/irritants for some. We saw improvements to our mild eczema after using our VCO soaps exclusively after a couple of months. However, we are not dermatologist, so we strongly advise that you observe and evaluate regularly your skin condition and stop use if it worsens. Do not use other soap during the trial period. And keep in mind that our VCO soap is not a medication; it just provides a neutral condition for the skin to heal on its own at its own pace.

If there are open cracks on the skin, you may want to apply a thin layer of our natural Virgin Coconut Oil. It has anti-microbial properties and we have found that it helps our skin heal faster.

Virgin Coconut Oil

1. Is your VCO cold-pressed? How is VCO made using Natural Fermentation Method different from other VCOs on the market?

There are many methods to produce VCO. Some use heat, fast spinning (centrifuge) machines or expellers to extract the oil. The method we use, Natural Fermentation Method, relies on naturally occurring probiotics to release the oil in coconut milk. It is completely cold, from start to finish. This is the only method that produces the best VCO for oral consumption since it contains probiotics that can help maintain our disgestive health.

2. Is your VCO suitable for treating eczema?

Our VCO is produced in the most natural way possible and has no added preservative or adulteration with other oil. We have seen improvements to our mild eczema and great improvements after using exclusively our own VCO soaps, but we are not dermatologist, so we do not know if you would have the same results. We do, however, would like to recommend you read a research paper, published in the International Journal of Dermatology, in which eczema patients were asked to apply VCO on their skin for eight weeks and later found 93 percent had moderate or excellent improvement in their symptoms.