At Kundur Island Bee Farm, we always ask ourselves one question in everything we do: Is it harmful to health?

We recognize that man-made chemicals have revolutionized agriculture and, together with mechanization, have enabled food production at unprecedented scale to feed the world. However, the introduction of these chemicals have always been dogged by questions about health and safety issues. The organics movements arose because people distrust the regulatory authorities. (It is somewhat ironic that the same people eagerly sought seals of approval to display on their products from the same authorities they distrusted.)

Our mission is to produce the healthiest products possible. To achieve this, we hold ourselves to a much higher standard than the Organics standard. We practice strict traditional farming techniques and ban completely the use of man-made chemicals, such as herbicide, pesticide, fertilizer, hormone, antibiotics, etc. We try our best to reduce processing and use of additives, because we believe the simple things in life are the best. The less processing and additives, the healthier it is.

We hope that you will find health reflected in all our products. Because there is No substitute for health!

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